2013 & Beyond: Living in Our New World, in Our True State of Being & Integrated as One

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2013 & Beyond: Our New World, Our True State of Being Integrated as One

Events with Franco DeNicola, Oslo, Norway, October 2013
Weekend workshop: October 19th & 20th
Evening talks: October 14th. & October 15th.

As changes are sweeping across the planet, and further ones are in the making; As new
questions surface and previously-disregarded views are becoming legitimate food for public debate and petitioning; – We find that when we, people, come together we have the power to shift, make a difference, transform.

Ever wondered what is bringing on such changes at this time?

What is really happening?  What is the real nature of our experience?

Could we shift our experience instantly if we were only aware of the true nature of our reality?

Want to consciously shift and co-create our collective evolution?

You are warmly invited to join us, where we explore, activate, and expand our consciousness and collective path, in the 2013 & Beyond event with Franco DeNicola.

 Register For Weekend Event   Details for Oct 14th Evening Talk    Details for Oct 15th Evening Talk

Full Event Details

Franco DeNicola’s 2013 & Beyond Europe tour is scheduled for September in Italy and October in Norway.  Franco is coming from Toronto, Canada, to offer new expanded understanding of our reality, and support our conscious shifting of it.

Franco is a unified soul, who has been actively involved in assisting the shift since 2001.  To learn more about Franco’s work go to: www.francodenicola.com OR to listen to previous talks Franco has done check out links provided below.

Dissolving the Illusion of Money and Control:   http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=46174809
The Bob Charles Show: Oneness with Franco DeNicola:  http://www.kinetichifi.com/listen/archive/show=bobcharles&title=Bob%20Charles%209-17-13%20Franco%20DeNicola%20-%20Oneness.mp3
From Victimization & Survival to Oneness Empowerment:  http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=46013781

To register for the 2-day weekend workshop, “2013 & Beyond” in Oslo, Norway, go to: http://www.francodenicola.com/weekend-workshop-with-franco-denicola-oslo-october-19th-20th-2013/

The following will be covered during the 2-day workshop, we will also use guided meditations to take the participants into a deeper state of meditation and release the old programs and activate new states of consciousness:

The first part of the 2-day workshop we will cover the following:

*  The changes that took place and how we are in a different energy field and state of being.

*  Taking a look at all that is changing in our world and within ourselves.

*  Truly understanding our true nature, our natural design and our true purpose.

*  An in-depth look at who we truly are and how we came to be.

*  A look at our programs, conditioning and ego and how to step beyond them.

*  We will play with the process of clearing and shifting the power and energy given to what we adopt as our reality.

*  Becoming an expanded being while being in human body.

*  Taking a close look at the systems, institutions and governing bodies to understand what is taking place how it served and how to shift it.

*  Stepping out of fear and survival.

*  Understanding Source/God, our connection and the role it plays.

* A look at our higher self.

*  How we can take an active role in shifting our reality and world.

*  Understanding the 4th dimensional principles as a stepping-stone into entering a 5th dimensional consciousness with the shift of Earth into the New Earth.

*  What is the concept of ‘One’ and how do our individual roles fit within the world we are stepping into.

The Second part of the 2-day workshop we will integrate processes through activations meditations:

*  Extracting and eliminating personal and collective ego strings/programs.

*  Removing layers of negative conditioning and toxins from the body.

*  Exploring and removing old contracts and ties so as to move freely towards soul purpose.

*  Removing boundaries between different aspects of ourselves, whether these aspects are in different timelines and dimensions.

*  In-depth integration of the 4th dimensional energies.

*  Conducting a guided global activation.

This is a high-energy and very expansive workshop.

For the first time we are coming together to change our planet and experience.  We are no longer doing it individually.  For the first time we can clearly see how we can now play an active role in transforming everything that no longer serves.

This is an exciting time and one of the most anticipated times in our human history because we are finally uncovering the truth of our true nature, which not only empowers us, but also allows us the creative potential to design a new world!

To register for the 2-day weekend workshop, “2013 & Beyond” in Oslo, Norway, go to: http://www.francodenicola.com/weekend-workshop-with-franco-denicola-oslo-october-19th-20th-2013/

Please note: wear comfortable clothes, bring a mat and blanket so you are comfortable during the in-depth processes involving meditation.

A delicious raw organic lunch is served on both days of the workshop. The lunch is included in the cost of the workshop.

To register for the 2-day weekend workshop, “2013 & Beyond” in Oslo, Norway, go to: http://www.francodenicola.com/weekend-workshop-with-franco-denicola-oslo-october-19th-20th-2013/

Evening Talks with Franco DeNicola October 14th, October 15th

We will hold two evening talks ahead of the weekend workshop where we will explore what our new world is going to be like and where do we fit in.

There will be a chance for looking closer at some areas which participants have a particular wish for, or interest in uncovering.

 For details on the Monday, October 14th. evening talk “2013 & Beyond” at Unity senter, Møllergate 23 (v/Youngstorget), 0179 Oslo, Norway, time 18- 21, go to: http://www.francodenicola.com/evening-talk-with-franco-denicola-oslo-monday-october-14th-2013/

For details on the Tuesday, October 15th. evening talk “2013 & Beyond” at Askeladden barnehage, Åsheimveien 12b, 3490 Klokkarstua, Hurum, Norway, time 18 – 20:30, go to: http://www.francodenicola.com/evening-talk-with-franco-denicola-hurum-tuesday-october-15th-2013/

Enquiries? Send email to: b2013@broadpark.no