Accessing Your True Self – Retreat – June 2017

Retreat June 2017Are you ready to take some time for yourself to recharge and have a transformational experience that will greatly impact you and the way you experience life? If so, you are being presented with an opportunity to step out of your day-to-day routine to connect with your true essence, nature and other like-minded people and experience a more powerful way to connect, communicate and navigate with your true self!

This June 9th to 11th we will be offering a retreat that will be geared towards discovering and accessing your true self in order to facilitate your personal transformation with more ease! This will be an interactive experience utilizing the support of one another, powerful tools, processes, and the nurturing elements of nature!

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Our day-to-day life can keep us distracted and off balance. In that distraction we create a distance and detachment from our authentic selves. We start to mistrust our intuition and cut ourselves off from our own knowing and guidance system. This in turn interferes with our relationship with our selves and others, and how we create our reality.  This can very much lead us to feeling alone on this journey even while being surrounded by other people and loved ones.

We can also easily start to feel out of place and confused, lose our direction, life meaning, and feel we don’t fit in and are misunderstood.  How do we move forward if we haven’t giving our selves permission to let go of what doesn’t resonate and serve and the fear associated with it? How do we find our true home within us?

It can be quite difficult to tap into a higher perspective while in the middle of a challenge.  It can also be a challenge to just live every day in integrity to our authentic self. Do we even know what that truly feels like to access and utilize our higher self’s point of view?  Come join us to explore!

More than ever, our world and our own life seem quite out of balance, sometimes we feel less and less comfortable in our own environment and skin.  Things make less and less sense to us.  Changes are happening so quickly now and the polarities are becoming so accentuated that what we relied on before as some form of foundation seems to no longer to be there, or at least quite unstable.  Holding onto people, things, our experiences, and what has supported us thus far are quickly dissolving.  In many cases, even our so-called intellect is fading.  There is a great internal calling and pushing for us to partake in our own transformation and alignment.  We’ve gone quite some time ignoring the so-called calling, now it’s becoming more and more difficult to do so.  Therefore, it’s time to take action!

How would it be to have a higher perspective as our main resource for us to use in navigating through our every day life?  Would that make things more expansive and fluid for you?  Imagine seeing the bigger picture of all that is unfolding at each moment including all interactions.  Being able to experience only what is most beneficial without the need to repeat experiences or getting stuck.  In fact, being more in the driver seat of your own reality and all other interacting and related realities that enhance your personal reality.  Imagine always functioning as your higher self and human self as one cooperative unit on this journey we call life. No longer experiencing separation of self by getting lost in the human experience. Allowing us to greatly expand and transform our human experience and our playground we call earth.

Your call has come to participate in a life beyond whatever we’ve experienced before!  Come join us as we explore together and access our true self.

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During the retreat we will explore and play with:

  • Who we truly are and what does that feel like?
  • Triggering the “knowing” within us
  • Expanding the “knowing”
  • Accessing the “knowing” feeling on demand
  • Living in present moment awareness
  • Accessing our Higher Self point of view
  • Bringing in a higher perspective in everyday life
  • Accessing your own wisdom
  • Dispelling limiting beliefs and perceptions that limit access to authentic self
  • Daily practices of living your authentic self
  • Moving out of your automatic default response
  • Breaking patterned conditions
  • Listening to the inner voice.

We will be utilizing various tools, processes, guided meditations and transformative information.  There will be take away tools and processes.

The setting for this transformational retreat will take place at the beautiful Ecology Retreat Centre located in Hockley Valley, Ontario. This is a very picturesque setting on 200 acres with hiking trails, a stream that runs around and throughout the property, an outdoor pool and great meeting spaces and accommodations. The Ecology retreat Centre also provides onsite catering of home cooked vegetarian meals!

There are several packages available, depending on your needs and desired experience.  The inclusive package will include the full retreat experience; take away tools and processes, exposure to higher and grounding energies, opportunities to connect with others on a similar journey, as well as connect with the soothing and beneficial energies of nature. This package also includes accommodations, all meals and snacks, which will be a mix of vegetarian and vegan. The most preferred experience would be to attend in person and to fully embrace all aspects of the retreat. If you cannot attend in person however, a live streaming package is available that allows you to be with us from the comfort of your home while also receiving all the content, the materials, the transmitted energies and takeaway tools and processes.

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Come and be part of this transformational retreat and access your true self in a more powerful way.

*Check-in time Friday will be at 4:00pm followed by dinner at 6:30. Franco will start the weekend off at 8:00pm with a welcome talk and meditation!

*Saturday will start with breakfast at 8:00am, the workshop beginning at 9:30am and ending around 9:00pm.

*Sunday will start with breakfast at 8:00am, the workshop beginning at 9:30am and ending at 5:00pm.

A full schedule will be provided to participants.

We look forward to having you be part of this opportunity to transform our human experience and world together!

Much love,
Franco and Kimberly

A Global Sound Meditation December 29th, 2016

dec29th-2016 On December 29th our dear friend Milan Likon will be providing us with another opportunity for a sound experience!

A Global Sound Meditation for Personal and Global Transformation

This event will be held at The Old Town Hall Theatre in Newmarket (460 Botsford St.) on December 29th from 7pm to 9pm. You can attend in person or enjoy from the comfort of your home via Livestream!
Allow yourself to be bathed in the sound vibrations provided by the planetary Tibetan singing bowls, crystal therapeutic bowls, Paiste symphonic gong, chimes and a responsive visual light display, all serving to assist in facilitating the overall meditative experience.
The evening will start with Franco DeNicola enlightening us with a brief discussion on the new year 2017 followed by Milan Likon who will introduce the planetary Tibetan singing bowls being played and the current astrological aspects of these planets in our sky.
Milan will then prepare the audience for the meditation by setting the intention of embracing the new coming into our lives at this time by allowing the old things that no longer serve us to vibrate away while preparing us to be open to receive. A wonderful meditative experience of sound vibration and light will follow.
As 2016 has been a challenging year for most of us, this event has been brought about by a wonderful gift from the universe, the opportunity to start the new year with a new moon. It represents beginnings, initiates a departure from the past and sets in motion the direction for the next 28 days, which is in alignment with the energy of change that New Year’s Eve will amplify days later.
This meditation will be a chance to take advantage of the renewal influences all around us at this time and to come together within the power of group meditation to have a greater effect on ourselves and our world!
The suggested donation is $10 In-Person and $5 for LiveStream to help cover expenses, however, if you feel guided to contribute more it would be gratefully accepted and appreciated!
*Please share this post so that it can reach as many people as possible, for the* more that will partake in the meditation, the more powerful and transformative it will be for us individually and the world at large!

Meditation for Harmonizing New Frequencies December 21st 2016

Tomorrow night Antonia Hagens from Masterpiece Life will be hosting Franco DeNicola as he guides us with a meditation for Harmonizing New Frequencies.
These new frequencies will be coming in tomorrow and will bring with them an opportunity for another shift personally and globally. The meditation will help with integration to lessen the intensity and assist in navigating these energies so you can utilize them in a more powerful way!
There will be no Q&A or discussions on this call, as Franco will just go into the meditation.
Wednesday, December 21st at 10:00 PM Eastern 
Click here to attend via webcast.
To attend via phone:
Primary dial in number: 425-440-5100
Guest pin code: 171508#Click here for a full list of local dial in numbers.
*The replay will be available immediately after by using the same link*

Global Meditation – December 11th, 2016

global3smOn December 11th 2016, we will be holding a special global meditation event.

The live event will be held at the beautiful newly renovated Old Town Hall Theater in Newmarket, Ontario (460 Botsford St, Newmarket, ON L3Y 1T1).  It will also be broadcasted via LiveStream.

The event will begin at 2:00pm ET in the afternoon with Milan Likon setting the mood and transporting our minds and bodies with the melodic frequencies of the Tibetan Singing bowls. This will be followed by a transformative meditation led by Franco DeNicola.

francosmThis Global Meditation event was inspired by a strong call to come together during these times of intense energies and uncertainty, so we can move through them with greater ease. The meditation will create an energetic support system that harnesses the new energies and uses them to harmonize with the higher aspects of ourselves.

All the changes taking place personally and globally have stirred up strong emotional charges and feelings of chaos, overwhelm and in many cases fear. There is a need to anchor in this supportive energy so we can release fear and become grounded in our authentic self.

The upcoming changes in our lives and on our planet may cause even more turbulence in the collective, creating an environment where people may feel unstable and unsafe. Therefore, our intent with this global meditation is to create a global calmness so that instead of reacting in fear, we will welcome these changes and participate in creating an outcome that reflects a higher consciousness. What is truly taking place is an upgrade in the whole human and planetary experience. It is nothing to fear and resist!

During this global meditation we will:

  • Create a higher consciousness that anyone can tap into
  • Anchor in supporting energies to navigate changes
  • Release fear and activate calmness & neutrality
  • Uplift the collective energy
  • Open our connection to our higher selves
  • Inspire movement & change on our planet
  • Stimulate Oneness Consciousness
  • Anchor ourselves amidst change
  • Let go of certainty and embrace the unknown!
  • Create inner peace and stability to maintain balance & flexibility during these times of great changes and forward movement

This global meditation will create an energy that will support us in coming together and elevating our consciousness.

To be part of this Global meditation – click here to register.
The suggested registration contribution is $10 In-Person and $5 for LiveStream to help cover expenses, however if you feel guided to contribute more it would be gratefully accepted and appreciated!
If you have any questions or difficulties contact

Please share this post
so that it can reach as many people as possible, for the more that will partake in the meditation, the more powerful and transformative it will be for us individually and the world at large.

milan-likon-2About Milan Likon

After decades in the Architectural field, Milan felt drawn to investigating various alternative modalities to help with physical and emotional imbalances. After his first vibrational sound experience, there was such a noticeable shift in his being it was undeniable. Now 3 years later, studying and working with Tibetan singing bowls and other sound instruments has shown Milan how they align with his life’s philosophy.

The experience of helping others in restoring themselves and finding true joy prompted Milan to embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery and activation of his facilitating gifts, which he now practices.

Sound allows us to open up to the universal vibrations that are available to all of us, as sound vibration is the cornerstone of all Creation.

Everything vibrates and our bodies naturally respond to and resonate with the innate vibrations of the Cosmos, which allows us to feel into and accept the gifts contained within.

Sound vibrations can activate higher states of consciousness within the brain by entraining the brain waves to alpha and theta frequencies. They can also also create binaural beat waves; a third frequency created within the brain when two similar frequencies are input into each ear, invoking deep relaxation, clarity and insight.

When combined with meditation or yoga, sound can deepen the sense of relaxation and transformation by vibrating every cell in the body, making it feel safe and “at home”, which can allow a feeling of union and a consciousness of Oneness with all.

Please join us and allow yourselves to be bathed in the vibrations provided by the planetary Tibetan singing bowls, crystal therapeutic bowls and Paiste symphonic gong, serving to assist in heightening the overall meditative experience.

Flow with Neutrality – November 16th and 17th, 2016

flowwithneutrality(Replays for the talks can be purchased any time following the event – See link below.)

Masterpiece Life with Antonia Hagens will be hosting a talk with Franco DeNicola to address the energies and changes we are living through right now.

The theme for Franco’s talk will be Flowing with Neutrality preparing for the next phase for humanity and the planet. This will be a two part online event to:

* Get you up to speed with the changes
* Answer your questions
* Empower you to move forward with clarity, love, flow and confidence

Wednesday, November 16th 8:00pm – 10:30pm Eastern and
Thursday, November 17th 8:00pm – 10:30pm Eastern
Masterpiece Life requests that you contribute a minimum of
only $20 to attend both evenings and have full access
to the recordings.  If you feel guided to contribute more it will be
gratefully accepted.  Thank you!
You can participate via webcast or telephone.
Once you register you will immediately be directed to
the event page where you can start entering your questions.
We hope you can join us!