How do I get clarity to receive my own inner guidance?

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Another question that we get quite often is, “How do I get clarity to receive my own inner guidance?” We talk about this a lot with many different people.  “How do I know that I’m on the right track?”(there is no “wrong track” of course) or, “I’m starting to understand that what my mind projects, what I’m experiencing at the mind level, what I’ve been conditioned to accept and what I’ve accepted as my reality at this point in time at the mind level and through my physical expression is not really my inner guidance. But I still don’t know how to connect with my inner guidance to understand what the next step should be.”

Up to now, most of the decisions about what we wanted to do in life and what we wanted to experience were made from an analytical perspective.  And most of that was shaped through the educational system, through our observations, through our culture, through religion and so forth; all of those things have helped to shape each of us.  So every day we were operating at the mind level, which was our “computer” filtering our experience.

Of course now we understand that we are a bigger picture than that:  we are Source Itself.  And as Source we are Creator.  So now people say, “Although now I understand that I am Source, I still don’t know how to connect with my higher self.”

Well, the truth is that you are always connected to your higher self.  Your higher self is always there and it is always communicating with you, as strange as that may sound.  Is it going to be a voice talking in your head?  Sometimes it could show up that way because that might be the way that we could accept that information coming through.  So in that case it’s like thought forms.  But in other cases it might come through as a feeling within yourself…a feeling of guidance.

The purpose of the higher self within you (or your inner guidance) is to keep you in line to have the experiences you need to have so you can learn what you came here to learn.  And it needs to keep you in line because there are several things involved here.  First, there’s the mind and it operates on programs.  The mind has been conditioned and programmed to operate, respond and do whatever it does on an automatic basis based on whatever it has accepted as reality around itself.  Then, of course, there’s the body, and the physicality has its own consciousness where it navigates and connects with things and tries to keep itself operating in order to function.  And then there’s your soul, which is your higher self…or at least the first level of your higher self.  And that’s where we connect to our inner guidance.  So when we connect to our inner guidance, we are actually connecting to our soul.

Our soul has come here for a very specific purpose.  We are not here to just do the human thing, although that is part of it.  But the soul came here for a very specific reason: it chose everything that it chose for the very specific purpose to experience itself, to learn from it and to grow from it.  When it came onto the planet of course it took on the physicality and so forth, but it is always choosing to be in a navigator/driver state where it actually navigates the experience that it’s taken on while being in a physical form.

So the soul is always communicating with you.  And it usually streams communication through the right brain which is your intuitive part.  When we talk about being intuitive or using our intuition basically it means connecting to your soul.  But the other facet of using our intuition is connecting to the Third Eye.  The Third Eye is basically a transmitter/receiver that has connections to all the souls on the planet and off-planet and also to different levels of consciousness, includingto the other levels of higher self that you have.

At this point in time because of this powerful transformation that’s going on, the soul is getting much more powerful in its position as driver.  So it’s becoming much more in “control” (if you want to call it that) of our experiences.  And this is one of the reasons that sometimes although we may want something in particular what we actually receive instead is something that we really need for our experience here in order to learn what we came here to learn.  For example, we may think that we want to go down one particular path when, in fact, everything is being staged to steer us down a completely different path.  That is yet another level of communication within yourself coming through.

For many people,the question then becomes, “But why do I continue fighting between what I think I want and what I really need in order for my soul to progress?  If I could connect with my inner guidance and have a clear dialogue, then maybe I wouldn’t have to have all these challenges and struggles and then I could flow with it more easily.”  And that’s true: when we align mind, body and soul then things flow a lot easier.  That means that you are no longer creating the polarities and you no longer need to fight back and forth between the mind and the soul…not that there is actually a fight, but there are two different streams and paths of consciousness coming through and that can create a challenge.

As I said previously, the higher self is already always communicating with you.  But at this point in time what’s happening is that we want to have a clearer connection with our higher self and feel that guidance a little more clearly.  In order to do this, we can go into the practice of quietening the mind where we focus less on the chatter that the mind creates (which is basically just patterns, programs and so forth which are regurgitating over and over again).  We can start to regularly take time to meditate, to go into nature or something like that and to really be in the moment…be where you are.

And in that moment, in that stillness, you can now start looking at various bits and pieces of your life and you can ask yourself the question, “Considering where I’m at right now, how can I make changes, how can I improve it, how can I align better with what I need to do?  And give me clarity around the directions I’m taking so that I can make the necessary adjustments to match more closely what I came here to do…specifically now that I’vechosen to go through this transformation.”  The point and purpose of theexercise of going into that quiet stateis so that you can have a clearer connection with your higher self and therefore be more consciously aware of what it’s trying to communicate to you.

And understand that when you are connecting with your higher self, your inner guidance, you are accessing another level of information, because our inner guidance is basically the consciousness of the soul.  And not only has that particular soul had the experiences of multitudes of lifetimes but it has also had the experience of being in the expression of non-form.  So it has taken in consciousness in a non-form state surrounded by other high-vibrating beings and energies and so forth.  Despite this extra vast degree of experience, however, it also has veils.  Therefore, you may want to access a level of information even higher than your inner guidance (which is just the soul’s first level).

In that case, you can choose to transmit and receive through the Third Eye.  Through the Third Eye we can then reach our over-soul.  Our over-soul is basically the next level of our soul which is actuallya cluster of other aspects of ourselves that are closely connected.  And, again, the access to the Third Eye is always through quietening the mind, going into a meditative state or basically just learning to feel those inputs that are coming through.  Because your inner guidance is always coming through to you.

And your inner guidance is not there to create challenges in your life.  The only time challenges may come into your life is if you are still stuck in a certain program and it’s time to change and we are not recognizing the nudges.  So nudges may develop into circumstances and situations that may be a little bit more intense to create that shift that needs to happen within yourself.  And this is yet another way that the guidance comes through to us.

Your inner guidance is also always communicating with all the other souls on the planet, which are actually just other facets of you.  So family members, friends, and anyone else with whom you come into contact may stream your inner guidance, consciousness and wisdom to you in a conversation or interaction. For example, right now you chose on some level to listen to this recording and so your soul wanted to listen to this streaming of consciousness to you through me…but I am just another facet of you.  And so interactions with others is yet another way that your inner guidance comes through to you.

The way to connect to your inner guidance is to go in and feel from a heart-centered space, which is the area of the heart chakra and is the direct link to your soul.  And when you focus back into that area you go into the “feeling” state.  You should know that there are two forms of feeling:  there’s a reactive feeling which we call emotions and then there’s that calm feeling or sensation within yourself.  The calm sensation is the feeling through which your inner guidance comes and it usually comes through to thought-form.

So when there’s a decision that you need to make, get yourself into a very peaceful state and ask this question of your higher self: “Which direction is best suited to give me the clearest path at this point in time for my highest learning?”  And although the response from your higher self could take any form, the response will usually be that subtle input that comes through saying, “This is the path that’s best at this time.”  At that point, of course, the ego mind will then create another stream of thought-forms which may contradict that advice and give you reasons why that path is not the right one.  But always listen to the first subtle, calm and unemotional feeling/thought that you get.

Now if you get a certain guidance and you set down a certain path, always keep checking in with your higher self, always keep connecting in that way because things will continue to change.  Sometimes a different direction may be necessary after even just a few steps.  It’s just like when you are going from one place to another:  to get to your destination you may go down a certain street but at some point you may need to turn off that street to take you in a different direction before you have to turn onto yet another street.  But as you are navigating through and going from one street to the next, you are still advancing towards some point that you are choosing to get to.  And the soul guides you in the same way.

And that’s how you connect with your higher self.