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What do you Really Want. Blog Talk Radio with Amy Brimicombe, Tammy Anahata and Chris Hale
Evolutionary Update – October 30th, 2015
What’s Happening in Our Collective – August 12, 2016

The CJ Miller Show, on In5d Radio with Claudia Millercollective
Discussion Where Humanity is at Now in the Shift – December 10th, 2013
Going with the Flow in 2014: with Franco DeNicola – January 14th, 2014

Diamond Forever with Elizabeth Diamond
“Who We Really Are” Franco DeNicola – December 14th, 2013
“Looking Forward in 2014” Franco DeNicola – January 18th, 2014

Galactic Fusion with Missy Hill
“Who Are We Really?” Franco DeNicola – November 20th. 2013
Break~Free of the Dream~Time~Dream~Scape Program” Franco DeNicola – January 22nd. 2014

The Ridiculous Hour with Joseph Zenner
“Playing with the Daily Unfoldments” Franco DeNicola – November 1st. 2013

Zany Mystic Show on BBS Radio Show with Lance White
“Current Direction of Things” Franco DeNicola – Sept. 14th. 2013

Whole Earth Healing Radio with Claudia Miller
2013 & Beyond – Where Are We Headed as a Collective” Franco DeNicola – Aug. 29th. 2013

The Bob Charles Show,” it was on ‘Kinetic HiFi’
“General Talk” Franco DeNicola – August 8th. 2013
“Oneness,” Franco DeNicola – September 17th. 2013

Cosmic Current with Helane Lipson & Claudia Helmke Miller
“Cosmic Current” Guests: Inelia Benz, Franco & Matthew Kocel – May 29th. 2013

Talking with Franco BlogTalkRadio with Franco DeNicola & Kimberly Ross
Ep-1 – November 25th. 2012
Ep-2 – December 2nd. 2012

Liquid Lunch with Hugh Reilly & Sandra Kyrzakos
What’s Really Going on with the World These Days – September 18, 2012
How to Get Ready for the 2012 Shift – October 23, 2012
Angels Caught on Tape – November 27, 2012

Everyday Connection BlogTalkRadio with Rick O’Shield & Jean Victoria Norloch
General Discussion – April 17, 2012
Continued Discussion – May 3, 2012
Further Discussions – June 28, 2012