Who am I and what is my purpose in life?

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There are some common questions that come up these days.  One that has been burning for a long time is, “Who am I and what is my purpose in life?”  There always seems to be that same question:  “Why am I here?”  So we are going to give you an idea of what’s really taking place and why you are on the planet.

With respect to the first part of the question, “Who am I?” a lot of people think that they are the body that they are in, that they are their mind or that they are the different definitions that they have given themselves (e.g. father, sister, wife, son, employee, friend).Many people identify themselves by their education, their career, whether they are male/female, and so on.  Most of the time when you are talking to someone and you ask them something like, “What do you do?” or “Who are you?” they usually give you a label.  But, really, that’s not Who They Truly Are; that’s just a role that they play.  We take on different roles and take on different physicalities, and we take them on for a very specific reason.

Who You Truly Are is a being of Source…you are an extension of Source Itself…what some people call God.  You are actually Pure Potentiality experiencing Itself through a consciousness that is expressing Itself in one particular physicality or another.

Each planet is a playground and schoolyard that we can go to play in.  And our physicalities are just a series of costumes that are utilized on each planet.  Of course each planet has multitudes of different cultures and so forth which provides a bigger range of experiences.  But although you take on a physicality, that is not You.  That is basically just the costume that you take on.

Who You Truly Are is that Pure Being coming onto a planet (this planet or any other) to do various things.

But what are these various things?  What is my purpose in life?Wherever you incarnate, whether it is on this planet or another planet, your purpose in life is to come here and experience.  You come here to play.

And it may sound strange to say “play,” so what does it mean when we say that we come here to play?  It means that we come here to experience; we come here to learn from that play.  How do we learn best?  Through playing.  How do we actually experience life?  By getting into the dance, getting into the experience itself.  So we come here to play, we come here to experience and we are learning through the process.

And what is the result?  We are expanding.  We are expanding the original state of consciousness of Who We Are and becoming a grander aspect of Who We Are.

There is a lot of talk about the fact that we come here to remember Who We Are and in a way that’s true.  We do remember Who We Are but, at the same time, we don’t go back to the same state.  We came here with one certain state of being having forgotten Who We Are and then we remember Who We Are.  But what happens is that using the roles that we play, the dance that we are doing here, we expand and become grander than we ever were before.  If the whole idea of Source Itself is being Everything That Is, what’s the greatest way to expand?  It is to experience.

Look even within your own life.  The way that you play your life allows you to have a different perception, a different expansion, and a different way of viewing your life.  By doing that, you’re never going to be the same again.  And sometimes we may say that life is not going to make us any bigger, grander or anything of that nature, but actually you areincreasing each day.  Each day you are actually expanding further.  In your experiences each day, you are now taking in different realizations, consciousness and so forth.  And you are now connecting more and more with your True Essence.

So did we come onto the planet to take on a specific role; for example, a specific career or to take on a certain level of education or to be adored or loved by many people or to achieve a certain goal?  Did we come just for that?  In actual fact, no.  All of those things are just part of the play that we’ve taken on.  In actual fact, those kinds of things are not the reason that we are here.

When you chose to incarnate here, youchose to come through this particular physicality, in this particular location on Earth, into this particular family, and togo through this whole chain of experiences.  And each of these aspects was chosen by you as part of the background, as part of the staging that you’ve taken on for your play.  But none of that is really You.

Some people get caught up in the whole idea of, “I’ve come here and I need to succeed,” and whatever that represents to them.  However, when we look at that idea with a bigger perspective we see that’s really a mind concept that we’ve adopted.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  But, as we mature, as we move forward and as our consciousness expands, we start to realize that there is actually much more than that to our experience.

We eventually come to realize that it doesn’t matter how many achievements you’ve accomplished, how many credentials you’ve earned, how many people adore you, what you’ve done with your physicality,what you’ve achieved monetarily, or what you’ve done with anything in your life.  When you get to a certain level you realize that none of it really matters and you see that there’s really no importance to any of that.

The importance is the connection.  The importance is what we are learning from it. The importance is who are we becoming more and more of while we are doing all of this.  And you don’t look at any of the other parts.

Many people when they get to their death-bed and start looking at everything they’ve done in their life, they see that what they’ve done really means very little.  What’s important is what they’ve achieved and gained from all of it while doing that expression and experience.  And that’s what we’re here for.

So to review:

Who are you?  You are Pure Source Itself having a human experience.  And this human experience is just one facet of Who You Truly Are.

Why are we here?  We’ve come here to experience life, to play with the dance of being in a body on planet Earth.  And we’ve come here to learn from this experience.

And what are we learning?  We are learning how to navigate, how to become more powerful Creators.  Because a Creator is what you are.

And you become more enlightened.  What does enlightenment mean?  Enlightenment is becoming more and more aware of Who You Are and utilizing that part in your experience in a human body.

And that’s what your journey’s all about.

If you want further information and further expansion, the website has a lot of other audios and videos that expand even further how to really navigate and play with this whole idea of what we’re here to do.