Why is humanity and world shifting?

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Another big question that comes up is, “Why is humanity and the world shifting?”  And that’s a good question.  A lot of people think, “Well, we’ve had it this way for so long and now we are going through this powerful shift.  But why is it shifting in the first place?”

We have to understand that we go through stages in our lives.  And not only are we talking about life in human form but we are also talking about Source Itself as basically that being that you are.  Anything that you create in any reality that exists at any point in time, you will experience it to the point whereyou achieve a certain level of saturation because you have experienced it fully and completely.  That usually activates a point where you say, “Okay, now it’s time for an upgrade.  It’s time to shift something to create something completely new.”  However, because we are Source, our natural state is constant movement and our natural state is always bringing things further and further into maximum exploration.  So that is resulting in the expansion of Who You Truly Are that’s being achieved at this time.

All of the planets, all aspects of the galaxy and even the entire universe are constantly shifting.  And what actually shifts is the consciousness and the energy.  But planet Earth is kind of unique in a way…each planet is unique, of course…but for planet Earthsomething was put into place for a period of time to purposely slow down the evolutionary cycle to almost a stand-still.  There was some shifting occurring but it was very miniscule in comparison to the natural flow.  However, now we’ve come to a point where there’s this universal transformation…or shift…that’s taking place.  As a result, the brakes have been taken off planet Earth (in a sense), and we are now taking huge leaps and shifts and are going through a fast-paced evolutionary cycle.

But the purpose of the shifting now is really to match the energy field, to match the consciousness of the True Essence of Who We Truly Are.It’s not so much an upgrade on a physical level saying, “Okay, humanity is ready to shift,” although that is a part of it.  The major reason for the shift is that Who We Truly Are has chosen at this point in time to create an upgrade within our experience and to create a shift in the playground and schoolyard in which we are playing.So that is what is taking place at this time.

Sometimes at the mind level we might think, “Why is this shift going on?  I don’t want things to change.”  And, of course, the ego mind doesn’t really like change.  It can get bored very easily and occasionally might want to spice things up in one way or another, but ultimately it doesn’t like change.  So at the level of the ego mind and its programs we might think that we’re not going to make this shift because we not ready for it.But in actual fact, this choice is being made at the soul level…at the level of Source Itself…within each individualized self…but as a collective.  Because it has been a collective effort at the soul level that has streamlined and started this motion forward.  And that is why this shift is taking place.

And the shifting that’s taking place on the planet is not only to match the shifting that we are doing in the physical body and the physical expression, but it is also to match the new playground, or what we call the new expression that we are choosing to do as a soul…as a consciousness.  So the souls are going through all of this and are going through an upgrade.

And what is the shift that’s really taking place?  The shift is going from a 3rd Dimensional consciousness to a 4th Dimensional consciousness…which we are now in.  Although the planet itself is now reflecting 4th Dimensional consciousness, the majority of humanity are still playing in 3rd and are still going through the stages of transformation into 4th (that is kind of a team process which we willdescribe in more detail in other audios/videos).  And with this continued shifting, what we are now doing is going into 5th Dimensional consciousness.

We talk about 3-D, 4-D and so forth and sometimes these terms can be confusing.  On the physical plane we have always been a 4-D physical expression, however, we were living with a 3rd Dimensional consciousness which was very physical, very attuned to having the  definition of self as being a body.  But with the 4th Dimensional consciousness we now start to utilize the body in the manner for which it was originally designed:  that is, as a vehicle, rather than it “being you.”

So at this point in time, you’re bringing the focus back to your Essence as Source Itself being in a physical form, and you’re seeing yourself as the soul that you are that’s expressing itself and playing in a physical form.  That is part of the transformation and why the shift is really taking place.  The shift is to match what we are choosing at the soul level.

Because, remember, the True Essence of Who We are, Source Itself, is upgrading.  And as It is upgrading, consciousness is upgrading and the frequency of Creation is increasing.  So, of course, the expressions on each planet, the physicalities on each planet…each planet being the playground and schoolyard, i.e. the scenery behind it…also has to upgrade to match that.  So that’s what’s really going on with the shift.

So the time has come where we are now ready…we are now ready.  And the readiness is also coming though at the ego mind level.

So that is the reason that we are going through this process at this time and why we are shifting.