A Global Sound Meditation December 29th, 2016

dec29th-2016 On December 29th our dear friend Milan Likon will be providing us with another opportunity for a sound experience!

A Global Sound Meditation for Personal and Global Transformation

This event will be held at The Old Town Hall Theatre in Newmarket (460 Botsford St.) on December 29th from 7pm to 9pm. You can attend in person or enjoy from the comfort of your home via Livestream!
Allow yourself to be bathed in the sound vibrations provided by the planetary Tibetan singing bowls, crystal therapeutic bowls, Paiste symphonic gong, chimes and a responsive visual light display, all serving to assist in facilitating the overall meditative experience.
The evening will start with Franco DeNicola enlightening us with a brief discussion on the new year 2017 followed by Milan Likon who will introduce the planetary Tibetan singing bowls being played and the current astrological aspects of these planets in our sky.
Milan will then prepare the audience for the meditation by setting the intention of embracing the new coming into our lives at this time by allowing the old things that no longer serve us to vibrate away while preparing us to be open to receive. A wonderful meditative experience of sound vibration and light will follow.
As 2016 has been a challenging year for most of us, this event has been brought about by a wonderful gift from the universe, the opportunity to start the new year with a new moon. It represents beginnings, initiates a departure from the past and sets in motion the direction for the next 28 days, which is in alignment with the energy of change that New Year’s Eve will amplify days later.
This meditation will be a chance to take advantage of the renewal influences all around us at this time and to come together within the power of group meditation to have a greater effect on ourselves and our world!
The suggested donation is $10 In-Person and $5 for LiveStream to help cover expenses, however, if you feel guided to contribute more it would be gratefully accepted and appreciated!
*Please share this post so that it can reach as many people as possible, for the* more that will partake in the meditation, the more powerful and transformative it will be for us individually and the world at large!