The Different Levels of Higher Self – June 1st

Franco will be having a Free Live Stream Event Thursday, June 1st at 8:00 pm Eastern, where he will share The Different Levels of Higher Self,  something we all have access to!
Here are some of the topics Franco will cover:
  • Tapping into the multiple resources we have available to us
  • The different levels of connection and access points
  • How the Chakra System plays a role
  • Our connection to our Twin Soul, Soul family and other Souls on this and other planets
  • Utilizing our Human to Human connection
  • Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Universal & Source Consciousness access
Franco will share his own insights about our Higher Self to get a better understanding as to how it all works and how it serves in a big way.
You do not want to miss this upcoming webinar!
To access the webinar and the replay, go to:

Accessing Your Higher Self Preview Call

Franco DeNicola Interview with Antonia Hagens

Part 1: Welcome

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Part 2: Quite the Mind Meditation

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Part 3: Accessing Your Higher Self Preview

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Retreat Information and registration links here:

CJ Miller Show – April 25th, 2017

CJ Miller Show – April 25th, 2017

Replay of the Show here:

On Tuesday, April 25th at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST Franco will be a guest on The CJ Miller Show! The topic up for discussion will be Accessing Your True Self, the theme for our upcoming retreat June 9th to 11th. 

Please join Franco & Claudia for an Evening of Expanded Consciousness and a greater connection with the wisdom inside of you, as they talk about his upcoming Transformational Retreat, Accessing Your True Self.  This should be a very timely and powerful event that will also be available via Livestream.   On the show, Franco will talk about ways we can access our true selves and gain greater clarity and presence in our everyday existence.  Franco will also talk about the energies happening right now and how best to navigate through life. To further assist, Franco will guide us all through a powerful Meditation.

What’s Happening in our Collective? August 2016 broadcast with Amy Brimicombe and Chris Hales

What’s Happening in our Collective
by: The One People Oneness Radio

What Do You Really Want

“Our last conversation with Franco was October 2015 and since then some very pivotal changes have taken place behind the scenes which will lead, later this year, to major events playing out in main stream, financial and political.  This conversation goes to some amazing place.”