Accessing The Next Level Of Release, Preview Call – August 8th

Accessing the next level of releaseThis Tuesday August 8th, Franco & I will be hosting another preview call with Sifu James to talk about what you can expect from our upcoming retreat – August 25th to 27th  Accessing The Next Level Of Release, Getting Past Our Human Programs 
They will touch on some of the challenges a lot of us face and explore why it’s so important at this time to be able to release and get past our programs! Sifu James will also be doing an energy transmission for all who are on the call!
Title: Accessing the Next Level of Release Preview Call
Date & Time: Tuesday, August 8th at 9:00 PM Eastern Attend by Phone:
Guest pin code: 171508#
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5010
Secondary dial in number: (513) 233-7881

Click on the link below to join us!

​​​​​​​See you Tuesday!

Accessing The Next Level Of Release, Getting Past Our Human Programs – August 25-27

Do you want to awaken your own power to transform any area of your life?
This August 25th to 27th Franco DeNicola and Sifu James Foo will be joining forces to bring you a very powerful workshop in a Retreat setting to access the next level of release to get past our human programs and better master our lives!
Franco and Sifu James will be sharing insights, leading us through the latest life changing processes and giving us some very effective tools that will shift how we perceive our life so we can continue to move forward.
This workshop will be held at the lovely Ecology Retreat Centre in Hockley Valley nestled within 200 hundred acres of natural beauty! This peaceful retreat centre provides the guests with the pleasant atmosphere of a winding stream and forested walking trails.
Some of the things Franco and Sifu James will cover include:
  • An effective process of transmuting our past
  • What is a program?
  • Recognizing our own programs and the different levels of them
  • The freedom that comes from releasing programs
  • How far can we go without programs?
  • Taking us to 5D consciousness – Love, Joy, Intuition and The Knowing
  • What is your Soul Blueprint?
  • Why do we need to redesign and retune our Soul blueprint
  • Accessing a very high energy field to redesign and retune your Soul Blueprint
  • The physical experience and the baggage it carries
  • The Entity component
  • The Ego Mind
  • The Soul
  • Looking at clearing more effectively without dragging up all the details of past experiences
  • The different levels of clearing physical, ego memory, entity memory and genetic codes
  • Repairing deeply rooted distortions while unleashing your super senses – Intuition, Imagination and knowing
  • Plus much more…
This will be an exciting adventure of growth and expansion with other like-minded people!
Each workshop has the latest information and processes; they are updated right up to the time of the workshop and during. It is fine tuned to meet the requirements of the individuals attending and for the collective. The energies of the different processes are the most current and most powerful that can be accessed at that time.
Do not miss out on this next level of transformation. You can attend in person or join us online via Live Streaming, which allows you to be with us from the comfort of your home while also receiving all the content, the transmitted energies and take away tools and processes. Replays will be made available to repeat the experience and to access anything that was missed.
If you would like to join us in person there are several packages available, depending on your needs and desired experience. The inclusive package will include the full retreat experience; take away tools and processes, exposure to higher and grounding energies, opportunities to connect with others on a similar journey, as well as connect with the soothing and beneficial energies of nature. This package includes accommodations, all meals, and snacks. (The menu will be vegetarian)
Space is limited to attend live, therefore, do not hesitate to register.
* Check-in time Friday will be at 4:00 pm followed by dinner at 6:30. Franco & James will start the weekend off at 8:00 pm with a welcome talk and meditation!
* Saturday we will be starting with breakfast at 8:00 am, the workshop beginning at 9:00 am and ending around 9:00 pm.
* Sunday we will be starting with breakfast at 8:00 am, the workshop beginning at 9:00 am and ending at 5:00 pm.
We look forward to having you be part of this opportunity to transform our human experience and world together!
Much love,
Franco, Kimberly & Sifu James Foo

Live audio Session with Franco and Inelia – Saturday June 17th, 2017

Franco and Inelia - June 17th, 2017

Your Session with Franco DeNicola and Inelia Benz

Franco and Inelia have joined forces in addressing what is upmost in your life right now. On Sat. June 17th 2017 at 1pm EST, they will host a live audio session where you will have a chance to let them look at an issue that is prominent in your life and receive guidance on how to deal with it.
This is a 2 hour live audio session accessible via phone or web page. Once you buy your ticket, you will receive an Instantteleseminar link with your personal password for the event. Make sure you keep a copy of this information when you receive it. It’s your ticket to the event!
When you join the event on the 17th of June, if you want to volunteer a question to be looked at, raise your hand (instructions will be given at the start of the session). If your name is called, make sure that you have your question ready in your mind, so that you can express it easily and clearly. Ask only one question, so that Franco and Inelia can focus on it and give you the most accurate seeing and resolution possible.
If you can’t make it live, don’t worry, you will receive a download link to the Live Session for you to listen to at any time. The recording will not be available for sale after the event.
MARK YOUR CALENDARS: 17th of June 2017
This is the event page:
Share with everyone who you think might like to attend!
Are you ready for Franco and Inelia to talk about your issue or question?
In case you are not familiar with Inelia Benz, apart from being a close friend of Franco’s, she is also well known internationally for sharing high level consciousness direct from Source. She provides tools and resources for your ascension journey and now she is specializing in assisting other facilitators. You can check out Inelia and some of her work at or
Consider yourself invited to this extraordinary event!
Much love,
Franco & Kimberly

The Different Levels of Higher Self – June 1st

Franco will be having a Free Live Stream Event Thursday, June 1st at 8:00 pm Eastern, where he will share The Different Levels of Higher Self,  something we all have access to!
Here are some of the topics Franco will cover:
  • Tapping into the multiple resources we have available to us
  • The different levels of connection and access points
  • How the Chakra System plays a role
  • Our connection to our Twin Soul, Soul family and other Souls on this and other planets
  • Utilizing our Human to Human connection
  • Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Universal & Source Consciousness access
Franco will share his own insights about our Higher Self to get a better understanding as to how it all works and how it serves in a big way.
You do not want to miss this upcoming webinar!
To access the webinar and the replay, go to:

Trusting Our Innate Abilities – May 30th – Replay

– –  Franco & Kimberly talk about Trusting Our Innate Abilities and why it’s such a challenge at times!
We often second guess ourselves, disregard our inner promptings or are paralyzed with indecision, while another part of us knows we should be taking action steps and moving forward!
Tomorrow night Franco and Kimberly will discuss some of these challenges and why they exist.
Be part of the discussion and submit your questions by clicking the “Webcast Event Page” link below, then click on the box that says Q&A and write in your question.
Title: Trusting Our Innate Abilities 
Date & Time: Tuesday, May 30th at 8:00 PM Eastern
Attend by Phone: 
Guest pin code: 171508#
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5010
Click here  for a full list of local dial in Numbers.
Webcast Event Page: