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Who am I and what is my purpose in life?

There are some common questions that come up these days. One that has been burning for a long time is, “Who am I and what is my purpose in life?” There always seems to be that same question: “Why am I here?” So we are going to give you an idea of what’s really taking place and why you are on the planet… – Read More

What is happening globally?

All of us, it doesn’t matter where we are, we are sensing, feeling and seeing that there’s something going on. Things are not feeling the same anymore. We see that there’s so much unrest at the governmental level and at the financial level. We’re seeing so much unrest with people in all different parts of the world where there are wars and chaos being created and there is strife… – Read More

Why is humanity and the world shifting?

Another big question that comes up is, “Why is humanity and the world shifting?” And that’s a good question. A lot of people think, “Well, we’ve had it this way for so long and now we are going through this powerful shift. But why is it shifting in the first place?”… – Read More

How do I get my own clarity to receive my on inner guidance?

Another question that we get quite often is, “How do I get clarity to receive my own inner guidance?” We talk about this a lot with many different people. “How do I know that I’m on the right track?”(there is no “wrong track” of course) or, “I’m starting to understand that what my mind projects, what I’m experiencing at the mind level, what I’ve been conditioned… – Read More