Live audio Session with Franco and Inelia – Saturday June 17th, 2017

Franco and Inelia - June 17th, 2017

Your Session with Franco DeNicola and Inelia Benz

Franco and Inelia have joined forces in addressing what is upmost in your life right now. On Sat. June 17th 2017 at 1pm EST, they will host a live audio session where you will have a chance to let them look at an issue that is prominent in your life and receive guidance on how to deal with it.
This is a 2 hour live audio session accessible via phone or web page. Once you buy your ticket, you will receive an Instantteleseminar link with your personal password for the event. Make sure you keep a copy of this information when you receive it. It’s your ticket to the event!
When you join the event on the 17th of June, if you want to volunteer a question to be looked at, raise your hand (instructions will be given at the start of the session). If your name is called, make sure that you have your question ready in your mind, so that you can express it easily and clearly. Ask only one question, so that Franco and Inelia can focus on it and give you the most accurate seeing and resolution possible.
If you can’t make it live, don’t worry, you will receive a download link to the Live Session for you to listen to at any time. The recording will not be available for sale after the event.
MARK YOUR CALENDARS: 17th of June 2017
This is the event page:
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Are you ready for Franco and Inelia to talk about your issue or question?
In case you are not familiar with Inelia Benz, apart from being a close friend of Franco’s, she is also well known internationally for sharing high level consciousness direct from Source. She provides tools and resources for your ascension journey and now she is specializing in assisting other facilitators. You can check out Inelia and some of her work at or
Consider yourself invited to this extraordinary event!
Much love,
Franco & Kimberly