What is happening globally?

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Another question that keeps coming up is, “What is happening globally?”

All of us, it doesn’t matter where we are, we are sensing, feeling and seeing that there’s something going on.  Things are not feeling the same anymore.  We see that there’s so much unrest at the governmental level and at the financial level.  We’re seeing so much unrest with people in all different parts of the world where there are wars and chaos being created and there is strife.

As well, a lot of natural events are happening…and some can be unnatural.  Weather patterns have changed and we also see what’s happening on the planet with respect to volcanoes erupting and earthquakes and so forth.

Also it seems like there is so much more coming to the surface now.  Things that have been hidden and things that have somehow been sheltered from us in one way or another are all coming to the surface.

And the other thing that people are noticing is that there are powerful changes also going on within ourselves.  People are feeling that they are not only being challenged emotionally but they are also starting to feel confused and so forth.

What we are seeing and feeling is that there is definitely a movement that’s going on throughout the whole world at this point in time.   So the question is, “What’s really happening globally at this point in time?”  Right now I’m going to address that only briefly because we will discuss that in more detail in other recordings.

Basically right now we are going through a very powerful transformation on the planet.  And this transformation is affecting everything on all levels.  All the structures and control systems that are in place and everything that we’ve created as a fundamental background, facility or system within ourselves is all going through a massive transformation at this point in time. And the entire planet, nature and we, ourselves, are being affected.

But the question comes in, “Why are we going through this transformation now with such intensity compared with any other transformation we’ve had before?”  It is known that we have gone through many, many, many cycles before.  However, this is a completely different state that we’re going through right now.

We’ve come to a maturity, we’ve come to a point in time where we are now looking at our lives, looking at the way we’ve done things in our life, and we’re challenging all of it, saying, “How does this serve?  How do we feel about this?  Do we want to be part of this game the way we were before?  Are we right now satisfied with what we’ve created up to this point in time?”

We know that everything has served, that everything is perfect and that we did not make a ‘mistake’ in any way, shape or form.  Anything that we’ve created, no matter how much polarity, darkness, density, sense of right/wrong or good/bad that it had, was all part of what we agreed to bring in as part of our experience on the planet.  However, that’s all changing right now and it’s being reflected everywhere.

We also notice that there are even certain things happening with our solar system and so forth where there’s a lot of adjustments taking place with the planets…and that’s also part and parcel of what’s taking place.

So we’re going through a complete restructuring.

And we called it forth.  Deep inside, Who We Truly Are, has called forth this transformation…because we’re ready for it.

And this is not something that’s happening on just our planet and in our solar system, but it is also happening in our galaxy and even in the entire universe.  So what we’re actually looking at is an upgrade to everything in our reality. And this particular upgrade is to match what we are choosing to experience.

For example, if you go a live play at a theatre, the stage is set to match what the play is about.  And the characters will get into costumes, take on their roles, go onto the stage and play their roles in their costumes.  And the stage (or set) has been created to match what is intended to be reflected at that point in time.  But what happens is that when that play is finished and you want to create a new play with a new theme and a new story, then the actors take on new roles, the costumes change…and, of course, the stage also changes.

We have to understand that planet Earth is basically a playground and schoolyard…which is just a huge stage.  The costumes are our physicalities.  And the role that we take on is what the mind perceives and expresses and experiences through that.  And right now all of that is going through a complete transformation.

We go through transformations on an individual basis, of course, and we do that in our different cycles from birth onwards throughout our life.  As we continue to play, as we continue to move forward, we go through this whole process of transformation.

But this time around, the transformation is encompassing the whole stage.  It’s not only just our own stage and it’s not only our own individual life stream, because we are now going into a collective life stream…and we are looking at the entire planet transforming.  We are creating a major new stage or playground arrangement, and we are all upgrading.

We also have to upgrade the costumes, which means that our bodies are upgrading to operate at higher frequencies, to operate with a higher consciousness, to be much more fluid and playful and free to bring in this new world that’s being created.

And, of course, the restructuring of the planet’s energy and frequency that’s taking place is, again, to match the new world that’s being created.   So that means that the staging itself, the whole set is being transformed.

And not only that but also the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the oceanic kingdom and so forth are also going through this powerful change right now.

The next part that has to change in order to fit into this new playground, of course, is our computer, our mind…so it is also going through a powerful transformation at this point in time.  And what is happening with the transformation of the mind?Our mind is like a computer so it uses an operating system in order to function.  That operating system is being upgraded and we are now actually going through a re-wiring process so we no longer use the old operating system.  In addition to that, it is streaming a new level of consciousness; there is a newlevel of awareness that’s coming through of Source…which is basically your higher self and Who You Truly Are.

The result is that now you can play a completely different role which is much more awakened than the sleep state which we experienced before (which was all perfect anyway).   However, now we are choosing to be more conscious about the fact that we are Source embodying a physicality and that we’ve come here to play.

So, as we’re going through all of these things, you’re going to notice that a lot of the role playing and a lot of the structures that are in place that do not match the new world that we are creating will either be taken down and disappear completely or they will transform to match.So what’s changing right now is everything.We’re going to create something new, and all of it will match our new state of being.

And that’s what we’re going through.

More details about this topic are provided in other audios and videos and in other materials on the website.  Please feel free to check them out.