Franco DeNicola – with great love and dedication to humanity, has compiled an extensive library of audio and video clips from his local and international seminars, lectures and radio spots that answer these questions and more. To access this library, click on the resources link above.

“Freedom is the basic construct of the universe. It’s the consciousness in which life itself has been created. It’s the very nature of who we are. Everything else is a made up concept of structure that is optional.”
-Franco DeNicola


DISCOVER YOU is a two-day retreat aimed at assisting YOU to connect with your inner self and higher purpose.  The goal of this unique retreat is to refresh and inspire by helping you to connect with yourself and others – ultimately leaving you with the tools to incorporate this within your daily life. Franco DeNicola […]


ActivateHigher Consciousness in All Leaders Replay A Global Activation with Franco DeNicola and Antonia Hagens Click here to download  

summer 2014 retreat

This Monday April 28th  at 9:00 pm est. Antonia Hagens from Masterpiece Life will be hosting a preview call with Sifu James Foo and Franco DeNicola for this Summer’s Transformation Retreat.  Be sure to join them as they discuss the tools and information that will be part of this awesome transformational weekend event! Here are your […]

summer 2014 retreat

Many varied frequencies and energy are currently here to assist humanity to move forward. There is a bigger and bigger gap between lighter frequencies and  denser frequencies. As a result, you may feel that your body and emotions are jumping all over the place.  This powerful weekend has been created to guide you through processes to keep […]


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