Franco DeNicola – with great love and dedication to humanity, has compiled an extensive library of audio and video clips from his local and international seminars, lectures and radio spots that answer these questions and more. To access this library, click on the resources link above.

“Freedom is the basic construct of the universe. It’s the consciousness in which life itself has been created. It’s the very nature of who we are. Everything else is a made up concept of structure that is optional.”
-Franco DeNicola


Clearing, Restoring & Renewal – Retreat / Playshop with Franco DeNicola   August 12th to 14th 2016.  As we continue to move forward with all the changes taking place in our life and the world around us, we notice more and more of how our old world and way of being is coming apart and being challenged […]


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Creating a New World Template Retreat 2.0 Another Transformative Summer Retreat with Franco DeNicola & James Foo Creating a New World Template Retreat 2.0 Navigating from Within to Move Forward   6:00pm on Friday, June 24th – 4:00pm on Sunday, June 26th, 2016 Transitions are actually quite easy.  Yet, humanity seems to continue to thrive in playing with […]

Inelia & Franco 3

Franco and Inelia Benz got together to discuss their views, personal experiences and many topics that are so relevant right now! You can check out Inelia’s work at You can listen to the their interesting and expansive conversation HERE!

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Franco was a recent guest on “The Hundredth Monkey” radio show, with host’s Tom Kappenman and Ramon Almonte. This show was pre-recorded May 1st 2016. The topic covered was “The Alien Card” getting a better understanding of our Alien brother/sister souls interacting with us at this time of great change. In this show they discuss […]

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