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With great love and care for humanity, Franco DeNicola has compiled an extensive library of audio and video clips from his local and international seminars, lectures and radio spots that answer these questions and more. To access this library, click on the
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“Freedom is the basic construct of the universe. It’s the consciousness in which life itself has been created. It’s the very nature of who we are. Everything else is a made up concept of structure that is optional.”
-Franco DeNicola

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Franco DeNicola Interview with Antonia Hagens

May 3rd – Preview call for the upcoming retreat

This Wednesday May 3rd Antonia Hagens from Masterpiece Life will be hosting a preview call with Franco DeNicola for our upcoming event  Transformational Retreat, Accessing Your Higher Self! Listen in to hear why more than ever we are being called to make transformational changes that would effect the choices we make, and our ability to conduct ourselves from a higher perspective. Franco will share some of his insights on the subject and a glimpse as to what you can expect from this upcoming retreat! Here are all your details for Wednesday’s call: Accessing Your Higher Self Preview Call ​​​​​​​ Wednesday, May 3rd at 9:00 Continue Reading →


CJ Miller Show – April 25th, 2017

Replay of the Show here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/greenheartradio/2017/04/26/the-cj-miller-show-wfranco-denicola-accessing-your-true-self-talk-meditation On Tuesday, April 25th at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST Franco will be a guest on The CJ Miller Show! The topic up for discussion will be Accessing Your True Self, the theme for our upcoming retreat June 9th to 11th.  Please join Franco & Claudia for an Evening of Expanded Consciousness and a greater connection with the wisdom inside of you, as they talk about his upcoming Transformational Retreat, Accessing Your True Self.  This should be a very timely and powerful event that will also be available Continue Reading →


Retreat June 2017

Accessing Your True Self – Retreat – June 2017

Are you ready to take some time for yourself to recharge and have a transformational experience that will greatly impact you and the way you experience life? If so, you are being presented with an opportunity to step out of your day-to-day routine to connect with your true essence, nature and other like-minded people and experience a more powerful way to connect, communicate and navigate with your true self! This June 9th to 11th we will be offering a retreat that will be geared towards discovering and accessing your true self in Continue Reading →


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