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With great love and care for humanity, Franco DeNicola has compiled an extensive library of audio and video clips from his local and international seminars, lectures and radio spots that answer these questions and more. To access this library, click on the
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“Freedom is the basic construct of the universe. It’s the consciousness in which life itself has been created. It’s the very nature of who we are. Everything else is a made up concept of structure that is optional.”
-Franco DeNicola – Our latest news

Embracing & Mastering Change – January 27, 2018

Join us for a new conversation on how to embrace and master change in 2018 In 2017 a lot of us faced massive challenges. No matter how we label it, good or bad, all those challenges are meant to serve our higher well being and the best interest of the human collective. 2018 has a very different theme than the previous year. The energetic focus this year is on change, and it will be affecting much of our human experience and world. We can experience 2018 as supportive and with Continue Reading →


2017 Interview with PathWalker from Project Avalon and Spiritual Wisdom Investigations

Franco did 9 pre-rercorded shows with PathWalker from Project Avalon and “Spiritual Wisdom Investigations”. They discussed what is the soul, its goals, mechanisms and processes at the souls realm. During these interviews Franco answered a variety of questions regarding our souls journey. There is a ton of information packed into these 9 video’s!


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